top 10 programming languages 2015

1. java

java is the most powerful is one of the best language having syntax in the same way of c++.
java is used for server side scripting,programs writing,mobile games development including android applications development.any body having experience of c++ can learn java language and vice versa.

2. python

python is in 2nd spot after compare to java,python is interpreter and it is considered to be easy than java.those who are new to programming are often supposed to learn python as it translate each and every line plus syntax of python is simple.python is also used for software development.

3. ruby


c++ is known to be best and easy syntax object oriented programming language.this is the language which appears in many people life.this remains the first language which is taught to the students of college and university level and is considered to be one of the difficult task by student but it is quite in depth and requires much practice.

5. java script

java script is advance language.both java and java script differs from each other in many ways rather one similarity between them is that both try to follow c++ script is used in designing website and putting logic behind the is also used in server side is considered to be important language for programmers who are interested in website development.

6. php

php which stands for hypertext preprocessor language is the latest best advance programming.each and every day,new and new functions and commands plus libraries are being added to this language.this programming language is used for website designing and development.this is best server side scripting language.all the famous websites have been designed in php.html plus css is also used for website development but they are for static websites.php is used for dynamic websites.
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7. objective c

due to progress in other programming languages,this programming language has bit lost its popularity but still this programming language is considered to be best for those students who are in basic level and want to learn applications development.
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8. sql

this stands for structured query language.this language is used for storing is a database query language.whenever any application or website is made,it requires data and that data is provided by sql.
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9. c

c language is mostly used for embedded systems.this is a tuff language just like java.c is used for general purpose programming.c language came after b language.later on,many modifications in c language were made and that was named as c++ because of performing increment in c language.there is bit difference between c and c++ and compiler of c++ compiles c language too.c programming language is mostly used for low level programs yet it can compile high level programs too.

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10 c#

this language was made in order to make applications.

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