Metal slug full games collection for win xp-7 download

metal slug full games collection for win xp-7 free download.metal slug games collection is one of the best arcade meme32 games.many editions of metal slug for win xp-7 have been released.metal slug games collection is a stage game collection in which we can play as an single player as well as two player games.we have to fight with enemies,their helicopters,their tanks and in last with their leader.metal slug games are one of the best arcade games and neogeo games which were played through out the and play metal slug games for free full version.this post inlcudes all the version of metal slug and in this game players have gun and they fight with download and play metal slug game for free full version.

system requirements


  1. OS::: Windows XP-Windows Vista,Windows 7
  2. RAM::: 512 MB
  3. CPU::: P III
  4. HDD::: 200 MB



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