max payne 2 game

max payne is a shooting game which is the 2nd edition after max payne 1edition.the graphics included in max payne 2 are much improved as compared to the graphics of max payne 1.this game also includes some best levels which show similarity between max payne 2 and max payne 1.after the tragic accident,which took place with max payne,he now get very much recovered from whatever passed through him and he bit realized that what happened with him and then max payne started to move over the place where all these accidents took place with him.max payne realized that his enemies are near to him so he started fighting against them.
so through which difficulties max payne was caught?you have to pass them by playing this game and have to go across them.this is the latest version of max payne after max payne 1.the scenery and all the places included are new and are very much highly designed than the max payne 1 free download max payne 2 game for windows xp-7-vista or any other version.
following are the screen shots of max payne 2 game

screen shots of max payne game

max payne 2 game for windows

System Requirements System: Pentium IV CPU: 1.6 Ghz RAM: 512 Mb Video Memory: 96  Mb Operating System: Windows 7/XP, Windows 8 Size: 1.03 Gb - See more at:

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                              Download max payne 2 part 1

                               Download max payne 2 part 2


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