Confrontation Game Repacked and direct download link is available .Confrontation is a strategic pretending diversion grew by Cyanide and taking into account Rackham's miniatures amusement.

The amusement is situated in the dream universe of Aarklash, a mainland riven by an unending war. The player takes after a gathering of Akkylannian warriors in their journey to search out and decimate the wellspring of the most recent danger postured by the Alchemists of Dirz. Their trip will take them through various settings with rich ornamentations where they will experience different races which populate the landmass.

Game play : Repacked Confrontation

The Akkylannian individuals fabricated a realm whose points are both religious and military. Its dedication to Merin is irrefutable, and the Inquisition holds a warm welcome for those sufficiently rash to question the teachings of the divine force of flame.

Since the Heresy of Dirz, and with the approaching Rag'narok, the Inquisition is vigilant and the stakes smolder both day and night. This is not to the enjoying of the Temple which looks to check its numerous abundances.

Screenshots For PC Repacked Version :

Screenshots of the games during gamplay are given belown .

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