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Warlock: Master of the Arcane is a 4X turn-based strategy game where players and engage in world conquest against one another across a world map. The game is comparable to the Civilization series, particularly Civilization V where the game world is presented on a hexagon grid where all units, cities and pieces of environment are laid out on tiles. Each player takes control of a "Great Mage" to lead their faction to victory. There a several pre-made Great Mages available to select from the beginning, each with their own portraits, back story and selection of perks to help them in the initial stages of the game. However players can also customize any characters if they choose to. Each mage has a choice from a selection of perks that grant different abilities in gameplay from the beginning ranging from the amount of starting resources and production rate, spells and access to certain units or enhancements. There are three key resources players must manage; gold for new units, food for their upkeep and mana for casting spells.Each Great Mage initially represents one of three races; humans, monsters and undead. The humans command a variety of staple medieval-style warriors and archers, while also utilizing mages and clerics. The monsters use a mixture of fantasy races including goblins, rat men and trolls. Finally the undead include reanimated skeletons, vampires, bat creatures and liches. While each Great Mage has immediate access to each race’s units and buildings, they can later build and deploy non-starting race buildings and units if they capture an opposing city of that race. New constructions for a city can only be built on tiles within its borders, borders that will expand with gradual population growth and new buildings.

System Requirements :

  • >CPU: Dual Core or better
  • >RAM: 2 GB
  • >OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • >Video Card: GeForce GT240 512Mb or comparable
  • >Sound Card: Yes
>Free Disk Space: 4 GB

Screen Shots :

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