Fake Hits Generator 2.0 :

KJ-Traffic is and ultimate tool for generating 30000+ fake hits per hour.
You can check your HITS directly to your CPANEL at "HITS" section.

Installation :

1. Just Set CHMOD 777 for PROXY and TEMP folder.
2. There is a line in index.php... $tt="http://khola-janala.com/alexa/task.php?tmp=".$tFile; Just change it as your domain.
3. Remember, the script is small. But it need high CPU server.
Some people got problem using this script due to their hosting company PHP Core restictions.
We have attached .htaccess with this script to solve this issue.

Features :

It will send as much traffic to your blog or site as you could afford but before using it , you must go through a complete guide in the folder of this software with name instruction.txt

Download Link Is Available Here :

password is realgamescollection.blogspot.com

Click Here To Download 

Note : if you can't download this game due to some errors then comment here down or send message at our facebook page fb.com/realbookscollection

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