Age of Empire (lll) 3 :

Age of Empire 3 is awesome adventurous ,action and nice strategy game ,loved by real time strategic lover .It is released since 2005 and still attract a lot of downloading. It is based on ancient nation wars including Europe ,America etc.

Play like a master keeping an eye on each and every aspect of the game including lumbers ,mines , and one thing much important is more to say -you must kept  ready your warriors ,otherwise other nation swallow you up without being informed .So Be Vigilant ,that is the gist of the game if you really want to become a conquer of every part of the cities game included.Avoid cheats and train your brain .

Screen Shots :

Minimum System Requirements:

These are the minimum system requirements you mat add to them as you can to increase your Gaming performance.
•                                                  >CPU: Pentium III
•                                              >CPU Speed: 1.4 GHz
•                                         >OS: Windows XP , 7 or 8
•      >Video Card: 64 MB video card with support for Hardware
•                                     >Transformation & Lighting
•                                           >Free Disk Space: 2 GB

•                                                     >RAM: 256 MB

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