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Increase space of your memory card of 1GB to 2GB by using “Sdfix2g”

Shutdown your computer only in one seconds

Press alt +ctrl +del the task manager will open then click shutdown then click on turn off.

Increase your PC speed

Go to run type services.msc and stopped all unwanted process.

Make your windows XP installation automatic with path and drivers by using a software “nLite.” You can download it from

Note: it required FX net framework 2.0

To excute HyperTerminal application by run open run and type “Hypertrm.exe” and press enter.

Increase speed of your PC open notepad and write following

And save it as rem.vbs

Turn off auto play go to run type gpedit.msc press enter and go to local computer policy .

Take screen shot without any software press ctrl+print then go to paint and press ctrl+v

Check your system properties 

go to run and type “Dxdiag” and hit enter
Go to run type “cmd” and hit enter and write “systeminfo”

Open windows default character map

 go to run and type “Charmap”

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