Here is the site where you can make easy call.

"free call"It is very east to use : 

Call duration : 20-30 Sec

one must get it in mind that no one on the internet is offering any thing free of cost .Its owner must have have some profit to allow you access to his tools .
Initial free call trial is for 30 to 60 second depending upon the country per day of 24 hour. 
You may buy a package which is available on reasonable price which will allow you to call any time of the day.

How to make a call ":

>First of all browse the site
>there will appear an icon like given in screenshot.
>this screen is just like a dial pad of the mobile
>type the number in such a way that first comes country code that is 92 in case of Pakistan then typ your desired number by removing its starting zero "0" incase of Pakistan it may look like 92344XXXXXX . 
>click on  green button of dialing call
>now there may appear a small icon which will grant your permission to allow access to your microphone and speaker .
>just check up the ccheck box and click remember 
>its very simple.

Screen shot :

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