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3 Ways to Earn Money From Dailymotion

today once again is here with 3 best ways by which you can earn money from dailymotion. Dailymotion is one of the top-100 website of the world. The first method is about uploading videos, second is about publishers (website/blog owners) and the third is about getting help from sponsors to earn money from dailymotion.I make it clear to you that dailymotion earning is quite slow but if you are able to get more views than you can make best earning. Below I'm discussing all 3 ways separately.


1. Earn Money By Uploding Videos 

The first method is about uploading videos. First of all, go to and sign up, after signing up, In order to make money, you have to upload videos on dailymotion, the more views you will get on your uploaded videos, the more earnings you will be able to make out of it, so it is an easy and basic to make money from dailymotion unlike other two methods.

2. Earn Money By Embedding Videos 

If you are a blog blog/website owner than dailymotion is a best choice for you to make money. All you have to do is to put dailymotion videos on your website and every time visitors will view these videos, you will keep generating earnings. First of all go to and log in (or sign in with facebook) to your account. After logging into your account, search videos of your own choice on dailymotion, click on them and copy their embedded code and put it on your website/blog. The viewers will keep viewing these videos and you will keep earning.

3. Earn Money by Getting Help From Sponsors

 It is one of the hard method to make money with from dailymotion. To make money by this way, you have to help different international brands (like amazong, ebay etc.) for sponsoring on your video channel. Sometimes, they accept your videos and sometimes they don't.

Note: If you want to earn by uploading videos than you must register by the link given in uploading videos heading, and if you want to earn by putting videos in your website than you must register by the link given in embedding videos heading.

  if you are facing any difficulty about this,you can write in comments.


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